Surface dressing

Surface dressing

Surface dressing is an important part of Worcestershire County Council’s road maintenance programme and is used to extend the life of roads across the county.

Surface Dressing Programme 2022

Worcestershire County Council’s Surface Dressing Programme 2022 is due to be completed by Summer 2022.

Picture of road being resurfaced

Surface dressing is an important part of Worcestershire County Council’s road maintenance programme and is used to extend the life of roads across the county.

Surface dressing is a process that is used to improve the surface of the roads and slows down the deterioration of the road surface. The quick and efficient process means that disruption to road users, local businesses and emergency services is kept to a minimum.

The process is a cost-effective way of restoring the road surface to:

  • extend the life of an existing surface
  • reduce further deterioration of the road’s condition
  • improve the skid resistance of the road surface
  • seal the road against water preventing potholes forming in winter

Even though this process is a quick operation, it is weather dependent and cannot be carried out if the weather is too hot, wet or too cold, so the programme may change at short notice.

Signs will be displayed on the road before work starts informing residents and business of the intended window of delivery, if there are any changes to the programme of works the signs are updated accordingly. A letter drop will also be undertaken wherever possible.

In some cases, temporary traffic lights may have to be used on site for safety reasons.

The new surface is ready to use straight after application but will take a few days to settle down. Speed limits are in place, but drivers are asked to drive slowly and carefully and in accordance with the temporary speed limit. There may be some loose stone chippings around.  All road markings are repainted soon after the work is completed.

Before and during the works

image of a car parked between two cones


What to expect throughout the duration of the works

loose surface, 20mph speed limit and skid risk road signs
  • hot bitumen is sprayed onto the road surface

Advice to motorists

a surface dressing truck

Proposed locations in Worcestershire included in the Surface Dressing Programme 2022

Please note that these locations are listed in alphabetical order and do not represent the order of works which could be subject to change.

  • A38 to Baughton, Baughton
  • A422 Inkberrow
  • Abberton Road, Abberton
  • Acres Farm, Hanley
  • Albert Road North, Malvern
  • Alcester Road, Wythall
  • Auxborough Lane, Wolverley
  • Back Lane, Shenstone
  • Back Lane,Shrawley
  • Bannell Lane, Stoke Bliss
  • Beacon Lane, Shatterford
  • Berrow Green, Berrow Green
  • Birch Green Road, Severn Stoke
  • Bishopswoods Lane Bishopswood
  • Blakes Hill, North Littleton
  • Blakes Lane, Guarlford
  • Bodenham Lane,Wolverley
  • Bransford Road, Bransford
  • Bredons Norton, Bredons Norton
  • Bretforton, Bretforton
  • Broad Lane, Bishampton
  • Brockhill Lane, Tutnall
  • Bromsgrove Road, Chaddesley Corbett
  • Bromsgrove Road, Redditch
  • Bull Hill Astley
  • Callow Hill, Redditch
  • Camers Green, Camers Green
  • Canterbury Road, Kidderminster
  • Carpenters, Portway
  • Chadds Lane, Berrow
  • Chapel Lane, Clent
  • Cheltenham Road, Broadway
  • Chequers Lane, Wychbold
  • Church Lane, Berrow
  • Church Lane,Martin Hussingtree
  • Church Road, Bradley Green
  • Coalash Lane Upper, Bentley
  • Cockshot Lane, Dormston
  • Comhampton Lane,Dunhampton
  • Copcut Lane, Droitwich
  • Corse Lawn to Roberts End, Corse Lawn
  • Cowleigh Road, Malvern
  • Crown Lane, Elmbridge
  • Crundalls Lane Shrawley
  • Crutch Lane, Droitwich
  • Curr Lane, Upper Bentley
  • Dagnell End Road, Redditch
  • Dark Lane Dunley
  • Devils Leap,Doddenham
  • Doctors Hill, Bournheath
  • Droitwich Road Sec 2, Podmore
  • Droitwich Road Section 1, Podmore
  • Dunley, Dunley
  • Elm Road, Evesham
  • Evesham Road site In two sections, Norton
  • Eymore Wood Lane, Trimpley
  • Fockbury Road, Dodford
  • Golden Valley Road, Castlemorton
  • Green Hill only - Lindhurst Newton removed, Blackwell
  • Greenfields Lane, White Ladies Ashton
  • Guarlford Road, Barnards Green
  • Guarlford Road, Barnards Green
  • Habberley Road, Bewdley
  • Hagley Wood Lane, Hagley
  • Harmans Hill Earls Common
  • Heath Lane, Stone
  • Heightington Road, Bliss Gate
  • Himbleton, Himbleton
  • Hollowfields Earls Common
  • Hollowfields Part 2 Earls Common
  • Holt Fleet Lane,Holt Fleet
  • Holt Fleet Road, Ombersley
  • Honeybourne and Bretforton Road, Bretforton
  • Hook Bank to Tunnel Hill, Upton
  • Horsham Lane, Berrow Green
  • Houndsfield Lane, Wythall
  • Hurcott Lane, Kidderminster
  • Innage Cottage Lane, Hanley Child
  • Knighton Common Road, Knighton On Teme
  • Kyrewood to Rochford, Rochford
  • Lincombe Lane, Lincomb
  • Lineholt Lane, Uphampton
  • Little Heath Lane, Lickey End
  • Little London to Newnham, Newnham
  • Little Malvern to Upper Welland, Malvern
  • Little Whitley, Little Whitley
  • Longdon Heath to Yardbridge, Longdon
  • Longmore Hill and Seedgreen Lane Astley Cross
  • Martley Hill Side, Martley
  • Middle Road and Dark Lane, Stock Green
  • Middlefield Road, Hagley
  • Moat Farm Lane, White Ladies Ashton
  • Moor End Lane, Upton Snodsbury
  • Mount Pleasant Lane Dunhampton
  • Nash End Road, Eldersfield
  • Netherwood Lane, Crowle
  • Nib Green Lane, Bewdley
  • North Malvern Road, Malvern
  • Northampton Lane Sytchampton
  • Nutcross Lane Shrawley
  • Old Forge Drive NB and SB, Redditch
  • Oldwood Road, Tenbury
  • Peopleton Lane, Upton Snodsbury
  • Pershore Road, Stoulton
  • Pinewood Ave, Hagley
  • Pitwell Lane and Village Street, Aldington
  • Podmore Lane Shenstone
  • Poundbank Road, Malvern
  • Pulley Lane, Droitwich
  • Rashwood Farm Lane, Droitwich
  • Rehouse Lane Dunley
  • Ribberford Road, Bewdley
  • Roberts End, Long Green
  • Rowney Green Lane, Rowney Green
  • Rye Cross to Hollybush, Hollybush
  • Saleway, Droitwich
  • Saltway, Droitwich
  • Saltway, Feckenham
  • School Lane, Birtsmorton
  • School Lane/ Station Road, Ripple
  • Severn Bank, Severn Stoke
  • Sheepscote Lane, Severn Stoke
  • Shelsley Beauchamp, Shelsley Beauchamp
  • Shelsley Walsh, Shelsley Walsh
  • Shinehall Lane, South Littleton
  • Shrawley, Shrawley
  • Sidings Road, Pirton
  • Sink Lane, Hanley
  • Sinton Lane Ombersley
  • Snows Hill Road, Broadway
  • Somers Park Ave, Malvern
  • South Road, Hagley
  • St Johns Ave, Kidderminster
  • Stakenbridge Lane, Churchill
  • Station Road, Wythall
  • Stoke Bliss Road, Stoke Bliss
  • Stoke Lane, Bushley
  • Stoney Lane, Tutnall
  • Stoneyford Lane, Hanley Child
  • Studley Road, Redditch
  • Swinton Lane, Worcester
  • Terrils Lane And Saltbox Lane, Tenbury Wells
  • The Groaten, Ashdon Under Hill
  • Tiltridge Lane, Upton
  • Timber Lane, Wick
  • Timins Lane, Hanley Child
  • Titton Farm And Tan House Lane Stourport
  • Trench Lane, Dunhampstead
  • Tutnall Lane, Tutnall
  • Upper Gambolds Lane Upper, Bentley
  • Upper Gurnox Lane  Doddenham
  • Upton Snodsbury Road, Upton Snodsbury
  • Waggon Lane, Churchill
  • Walton Lane Hartlebury
  • Weston Hall Road, Hanbury
  • Whitelenge Lane Hartlebury
  • Willersley Road, Badsey
  • Witch Lane Shenstone
  • Wolverhampton Road, Kidderminster
  • Wood Lane, Fairfield
  • Woodberrow Lane, Redditch
  • Woodcote Lane, Dodford
  • Woodfield Lane Sytchampton
  • Woodgate Road, Hanbury
  • Woodhall Lane Uphampton
  • Worcester Road, Malvern
  • Wyche Road, Lower Wyche
  • Yarnold Lane, Dodford
  • Yarnold Road and Yarnold View, Hanley Child
  • Yock Lane, Wick
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