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Community Involvement

Worcestershire County Council, as the County Planning Authority, is responsible for preparing planning policy to guide waste and minerals development, and for determining planning applications for minerals developments, waste management facilities, and the County Council's own developments, such as libraries, schools, roads and railway stations.

Statement of Community Involvement 2021

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how Worcestershire County Council will seek your involvement in the planning of minerals and waste management and Worcestershire County Council developments such as new libraries, schools, roads and railway stations.

This will be the second review of the SCI since the Council’s original SCI was first adopted in 2006. Regulation 10A (1)b of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (as amended) requires that the SCI is reviewed every 5 years.

Download Statement of Community Involvement 2021 (PDF).

Consultation on the draft Statement of Community Involvement

Between 3rd February and 18th March 2021 Worcestershire County Council consulted on the Draft Statement of Community Involvement.
We received 12 representations from various stakeholders and local communities

The comments were supportive of the SCI and general content. The representations included detailed comments, information and suggestions which led to the SCI being further refined. 

Download the SCI Summary Response Document (PDF)

Inclusive Communities

Download the report from the "Faith in the future of Worcestershire" 2009 conference (PDF)

As part of our role to strengthen community involvement in the planning system and to bring together faith groups and interested parties to discuss how they could have their say in shaping the future of Worcestershire, Worcestershire County Council hosted the Faith in the future of Worcestershire conference in November 2009.