Sustainable Development Research Documents

Sustainable Development Research Documents

Information about the different sustainable research areas.

Planning for Climate Change

This research paper reviews good practice and provide a high-level identification of the key issues and options within Worcestershire for mitigating and adapting to a changing climate.

It makes recommendations on how local policy can help to contribute towards the national target of a 60 per cent reduction in CO2 levels by 2050.

Download the Planning for Climate Change Research Paper

Planning for Health

Planning for Health in Worcestershire Technical Research Paper

The Strategic Planning section at Worcestershire County Council has been working with in partnership with Adult Services and Health Directorate at the County Council and Worcester City Council.  This work has involved the production of a Technical Research Paper entitled 'Planning for Health in Worcestershire'

The purpose of this paper is to start the process of change in Worcestershire, by providing a summary of the significant issues and challenges surrounding health within the county and considering how these might be tackled jointly through the planning system and Public Health.

Download the Planning for Health in Worcestershire Technical Research Paper

Planning for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Strategy

This strategy sets an overarching policy for how Worcestershire County Council(WCC) will use its resources to promote and develop its own renewable energy schemes, and sets out the role that WCC can play in supporting appropriate renewables development more generally. 

It focuses primarily on those actions and influences within WCC's control, but recognises that some options will require cooperation between partners.

Downloaded the Renewable Energy Strategy

Renewable Energy Research Paper

The Renewable Energy Research Paper sets out the valuable contribution that renewable energy can make to Worcestershire's green economy, and explores the social and environmental benefits of increasing provision. 

It identifies the challenges that can slow the growth of renewables, and explores possible ways of overcoming these whilst ensuring our communities' views are heard.

Downloaded the Renewable Energy Research Paper

Assessment of the capacity for large-scale renewable energy in Worcestershire

This evidence-based resource assessment, completed by consultants, was commissioned in 2008 to determine the potential capacity for larger-scale renewable energy generation in Worcestershire, including potential broad locations. 

Please note that broad locations identified in the study do NOT imply development would be appropriate in these areas; any proposals would have to be thoroughly tested through the planning process.

Downloaded the Renewable Energy Assessment

Planning for Soil

Soil is a finite resource facing a range of challenges and threats, including the impact of climate change and pressure from development.

This paper raises awareness of the importance of soils and provides technical guidance to inform policy for the management and protection of Worcestershire's soil resource.

Download the Planning for Soil Research Paper

Planning for Water

This research paper provides a consistent, strategic approach to the management of water in Worcestershire.

It provides the policy context and evidence, describes the key challenges faced by spatial and water planning, sets out options for how they might be addressed in policy, and sets out monitoring requirements and further work that should be undertaken. The paper can help to inform all forms of plan-making, including community-based plans.

Download the Planning for Water Research Paper

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