Worcestershire BSIP Core Principles

Worcestershire Bus Service Improvement Plan Principles

Image shows Worcestershire Bus Service Improvement Plan Principles

Worcestershire Bus Service Improvement Plan is based on seven core principles that we feel working in partnership will deliver both on national objectives as well as complement the recently published Worcestershire Passenger Transport Strategy. 

We are confident that these core principles form solid foundations on which to improve and transform bus services within the County. 

Network Prioritisation: Intensive services and investment on key strategic corridors, with routes that are more frequent, operate longer and are easier to understand. This will be supported by increase in bus priority.  

Improving the image of Public Transport: Local bus network presented as a safe and secure single system, with clear passenger information and branding.  To provide excellent customer service (reflecting on customer surveys) supporting the delivery of our Passenger Charter.

Alternative Service Provision: Support strategic corridors through Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) and Community Transport with integrated service patterns with other modes

Bus Infrastructure improvements: Progress to a consistent, uniform and quality provision of infrastructure that is safe and secure and facilitates passenger transport use both on and off bus

Modal Integration: Focus on providing an integrated Passenger Transport network, including Hubs and Rail Stations

Technology and Innovation: Recognise the importance that Technology and Systems play in the delivery of a sustainable and integrated Passenger Transport Network. 

Fares and Ticketing: Deliver lower and simpler fares with integrated ticketing between operator and modes