Highways maintenance funding

Highways maintenance funding

Worcestershire County Council welcomes highways maintenance funding increase, made possible by reallocated HS2 funding.

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On 4 October 2023, the government announced £8.3 billion of additional highways maintenance funding over the period 2023 to 2024 and the next 10 years for local road resurfacing and wider maintenance activity on the local highway network.

From this extra funding, Worcestershire was awarded £2.383m for 2023/24 and £2.383m for 2024/25. This is in addition to the £3.331m awarded to Worcestershire in the Spring Budget 2023. 

Spring Budget 2023 Additional £3.331m

Structural Maintenance Additional Works 

The additional works include:

  • carriageway resurfacing
  • footway reconstruction
  • drainage renewals 

Additional Funding 2023/24 & 2024/25

Additional Carriageway Resurfacing Worcestershire

District £m km
Bromsgrove £1.220m 4.25km



Redditch £0.842m 4.31km
Worcester City £1.121m 4.94km
Wychavon £0.564m 2.15km
Wyre Forest £0.528m 2.54km

Innovation in local highway maintenance

We are committed to working in a more sustainable way and embracing new innovative materials, plant and systems wherever possible.

We are one of the highest users of warm mix asphalts, using this on the majority of our surfacing sites. We work with our maintenance contractor and material provider to transport the old road surface back to the batching quarry where it is crushed, screened and blended into the asphalt mixes we reuse within the county.  

We use our contractor’s recycling depot to produce our own low carbon foambase and Type 1 stone by recycling materials  brought in from county construction sites. We use the majority of these products in our carriageway and footway schemes. Our surface dressing chipping sweepings are screened and washed for reuse. All surface dressing sites use walking floor lorries to remove any risk of tipping incidents. 

Streetworks and Utility Companies

We will share our plan of our resurfacing schedule with Utility companies through a national system called Streetmanager, our website, One Network and our quarterly Co-ordination meetings. This will also include the S58 process which we are required to follow.

It is important that we engage with public and private companies and contractors who may need to carry out work on our roads to prevent newly resurfaced roads being worked on. There are some exceptions where we must allow work to continue on a newly surfaced road, but with early engagement these will be kept to a minimum

If an exception is applied and work is undertaken on a newly resurfaced road, we will carry out inspections to ensure that the road surface is returned to the same standard of a new road surface  

Investment in local highway network

The table below shows the total amount of capital investment spent on maintaining our Highways Network since 2019/20. It includes all structural maintenance expenditure on infrastructure assets such as street lighting, traffic signals, bridges and structures in addition to maintaining the authority's carriageways and footways. 


Total DfT Capital Grant funding


Total amount of capital investment in the maintenance of local highway networks (including both council and DfT grant funding streams)  


Total amounts of revenue spend on the maintenance of local highway networks.  


WCC Capital Funding for Highway Network.  


2019/20 15.356 31.286 10.468 15.930
2020/21 24.360 47.588 10.607 23.228
2021/22 18.738 42.575 10.680 23.837
2022/23 18.538 42.441 10.642 23.903
2023/24 21.869 57.383 13.259 35.514
2024/25 23.304 48.016 13.703 24.712

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