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Traffic management applications

Road closure / footpath closure / speed restriction / convoy working legal order / notice

On this page you will  find information on what you need to know before you apply for road closure / footpath closure / speed restriction / convoy working legal order / notice.

You will need a legal order / notice

  • to close any road for works
  • to close a footpath (divorced footway/alleyway that is not adjacent to a carriageway) and requires a specific diversion route
  • to temporarily reduce a speed limit for works/convoy working

Road closures for events can typically be made through the relevant local District Council through the Town Police Clauses Act.

How long does the application process take?

The legal lead-in time for this is 12 weeks and two legal orders will be produced as part of this process.


The cost of a planned closure/speed reduction/convoy working is £1,350 for a road/footpath/speed restriction. Closures for emergency works (endorsed) will be processed at a reduced rate due to the shorter legal process.

This is payable by credit or debit card/ purchase order.

Please note

  • information supplied when you submit your application may be included in any Public Notices issued about the works and will appear on Worcestershire roadworks map (opens in new window)
  • if for any reason we need to check any information submitted we may need to contact you for clarification - please see the Council's Privacy Notice for further information about how we use your information

Before you start your application

For your application you will need to:

  • provide Works/Permit Reference (Private Works, not applicable)
  • provide a description, details and a plan of the works
  • a proposed diversion route
  • agree to our Terms and Conditions
  • pay online (Private Works) or provide a Purchase Order number (Utility)
  • if the works relate to the laying of apparatus a separate Section 50 application will be required and if it relates to building materials deposited on the highway a separate Section 171 application will be required
  • have your login details in hand - if your organisation has already applied for permits or licences such as road closures, skips etc. via our online systems, your organisation should already have an account, however, if your organisation does not have yet an account, please go to Create a company account page.


Login to your account to start your application (opens in a new window)