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Help with food shopping

Everybody is different and each person may have different reasons why shopping for food might be difficult. It could be that you are unable to drive and can't carry your shopping bags, or it might be that you get tired walking around the shop or can't see the food labels due to a visual impairment. However, there are some things you can do:

  • consider using online shopping with a supermarket
  • ask the customer service desk at the supermarket for assistance
  • some supermarkets offer a delivery service for people who shop in store, check with your local supermarket if they offer this as there may be minimum spends or delivery charges
  • if travelling to the supermarket is difficult, see if a family member or friend is able to take you with them when they go
  • use your Attendance Allowance to pay for a taxi
  • check if there is a food van in your area
  • use Shopmobility schemes to help you get around your local shops

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