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Adapting your home

People who live with a long-term health or physical condition can experience difficulty in getting around in their home, and to complete everyday tasks independently and safely. You may be starting to think that your home might not be suitable for you anymore in which case, adapting your home or moving to a readily adapted home could be for you. You can speak to an Occupational Therapist who may be able to help you change your home to help you.

They may suggest adaptations such as:

  • a stair lift
  • access ramps
  • grab rails around the home

You may want to consider undertaking significant building works to change the layout of your property. This could include:

  • widening doorways so that you can use a wheelchair
  • replacing your bath or shower unit with a level-access shower
  • adding a downstairs toilet or bathroom or bedroom so that you don't have to keep using the stairs
  • installing low-level kitchen units

To make these changes you will need advice from qualified builders on what to do.

Buying or renting an already adapted home

Some homes have already been adapted. You can look in your local paper if you wish to buy a suitable house bungalow or flat. These are normally in special developments. If you want to rent a home, you can contact your local housing association who will help you find a more suitable property.

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