SCULPT Plain English - using clear language and avoiding jargon

SCULPT Plain English - using clear language and avoiding jargon

What is Plain English?

Plain English is writing clearly with the reader in mind and with the right tone of voice, that is clear and concise. Plain English means avoiding using long overly complex language, such as jargon, unexplained acronyms and long words.

Why do it?

Complex language can be very difficult for some people, especially where English is not their first language or for those with learning difficulties or reduced cognitive abilities. Also, for anyone using a translator, it often translates much better when the original content is in clearly worded English.

How to do it

The Plain English Campaign provides free guides, services and resources to help with writing in plain English.

Plain English Campaign

A great source of advice is from Content Design London's readability guidelines Clear language: Plain English

Instructional videos

These videos explain why using plain English is important in all situations.


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