Our Digital, Data and Technology Strategy

Our Digital, Data and Technology Strategy

The Digital, Data, and Technology (DDaT) strategy sets out our approach on digital transformation and maximising the use of technology to achieve Council objectives.

Our vision

A future where seamless integration of data, innovative digital solutions, and cutting-edge technologies drive unprecedented value for our customers. We envision a landscape where data isn’t just a resource but an invaluable asset, empowering us to make informed decisions, enhance customer experiences, and foster continuous innovation.

Key points from the strategy

Our objectives

Maximise Data Utilisation: using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to get useful information from the data to make decisions and to plan into the future

Enhance Customer Experience: develop user centered services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers

Foster Innovation: invest in research and development to stay ahead in the ever changing digital world

Optimise Operational Efficiency: streamline internal processes and look at automating repetitive tasks to reduce costs and increase productivity

Ensure Data Security and Compliance: introduce strong cybersecurity measures and follow the standards to protect sensitive information

Our priorities

Priority 1: Data management and governance

Priority 2: Advanced analytics and business intelligence

Priority 3: Digital customer experience

Priority 4: Emerging technologies and their ethical and secure use

Priority 5: Digital inclusion, including digital skills

Priority 6: Innovation, research and developement 

Priority 7: Scalability and agility

Full strategy

Download: Digital, Data and Technology Strategy (DDaT) 2024 to 2027 (PDF)

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