Potholes and reported defects performance

Potholes and reported defects performance

Quantity of potholes and defects repaired.


We inspect and carry out suitable repairs of reported potholes within 28 working days and wherever possible, we try and repair them permanently first time. In addition, we have a comprehensive regime of safety inspections and proactively inspect all roads and footways in the County.

By financial year Total number of pot holes reported
2017/18 3985
2018/19 2884
2019/20 4778
2020/21 2695
2021/22 2949

Other defects

As well as potholes, a road may have additional defects such as cracking, rutting, edge deterioration and low skid resistance. For this reason, we maintain our roads by fixing defects and carrying out preventative treatments each year such as patching, resurfacing and surface dressing programmes. 

This also reflects the trend that figures will increase when we have experienced adverse weather which impacts our highways.

Year reported defects fixed defects
2017/18 26985 27371
2018/19 24419 26634
2019/20 26301 26411
2020/21 25734 25896
2021/22 25734 25896
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