Condition of roads

Condition of roads

Condition of roads in Worcestershire.

We are committed to an asset management approach to ensure the most efficient and effective use of the available highway budget is used appropriately to deliver outcome-based benefits. We continue to use innovative treatments alongside tried and tested maintenance materials, to ensure the appropriate treatment is used at the right time to maintain our highways assets in Worcestershire.

Lifecycle planning is a technique which enables Worcestershire County Council to monitor and anticipate the future condition of assets and to know when we need to maintain or replace it. Through detailed knowledge of the size, safety, condition and value of our highway’s asset, the information gathered enables us to take into consideration whole life costs when maintaining our assets.

Condition surveys

We undertake annual condition surveys of our classified road network using SCANNER methodology for our A, B and C Roads which produce condition scores for our network. These scores are reported back to Central Government. We use these condition scores to help identify sections of our network requiring works using a Red, Amber, and Green categorisation:

  • red - plan maintenance soon
  • amber - plan investigation soon
  • green - generally good condition

The tables below shows the condition of the road network as measured using scanner surveys over a five-year period:

A roads

Year Green Amber Red
2018 66.00% 30.60% 3.40%
2019 63.60% 32.50% 3.90%
2020 62.50% 32.90% 4.60%
2021 64.60% 31.00% 4.50%

B roads

Year Green Amber Red
2018 71.70% 25.30% 3.00%
2019 70.40% 26.10% 3.50%
2020 67.10% 28.80% 4.10%
2021 67.40% 28.50% 4.00%

C roads

Year Green Amber Red
2018 68.90% 26.80% 4.30%
2019 68.00% 27.30% 4.70%
2020 67.70% 27.60% 5.00%
2021 72.40% 24.10% 3.50%

Please note 2022 data will be published and made available when verified.

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