Mental health and support for adults

Mental health and support for adults

Where to get help in a crisis, mental health support services, self-help resources for you or someone you care for and guidance for drug and alcohol disorders.

People in crisis and suicide prevention

Where you can get help if you are concerned for yourself or someone else in mental health crisis.

Mental health support services

Support services for mental health where you can self-refer, speak to someone or access a trained mental health clinician.

Self-help resources for good mental health

A range of signposted resources to help you manage and maintain your own mental health.

Caring for someone with a mental health condition

By offering support as a Carer you can play a vital role in mental health wellbeing and recovery.

Approved Mental Health Professional Service

The Approved Mental Health Professional Service is responsible for undertaking assessments under the Mental Health Act 1983 in Worcestershire.

Mental Health Social Work

Working in partnership to support recovery for people with mental health needs.

Other mental health and wellbeing resources

Get more resources on wider mental health issues such as loneliness, alcohol, drugs, smoking, relationship difficulties as well as housing and homelessness.

Dementia support

Support information for those with or looking after someone with dementia.

Mental Health Crisis Breathing Space

A debt relief initiative designed to safeguard individuals facing problem debt while undergoing mental health crisis treatment.

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