Virtual School news and events

Virtual School news and events

A variety of different activities and events available to those within the Virtual School.

Education Psychologist drop in service

Online drop-in consultations for children looked after - information for educational settings

Worcestershire Virtual School commission Worcestershire Children First Educational Psychology Team to provide an online drop-in consultation service for all educational settings where there is a child who is looked after attends. This is available to settings both inside and outside of Worcestershire, as we recognise some children and young people are placed outside of the county for education.


The purpose of the drop in consultation is to provide a safe space for key members of staff, or one key member of staff, who is ‘stuck’ with how to support a specific C/YP to jointly problem—solve with an educational psychologist to further tailor support for the C/YP.

The focus is on what can be achieved by the person who is bringing the concerns and also to highlight who else they may need to contact as part of that support for the C/YP.

It is a joint problem-solving space where the member of staff bringing their concerns can think about what they might do differently to further support the C/YP.


The time is 45 minutes, and the member of staff will get a copy of the typed notes as discussed at the consultation. This is also sent to the Virtual School for their records. The platform used is MS Teams.

What might we talk about?

Questions that will be asked during the consultation include:

  • how confident do you feel about supporting the C/YP?
  • what are your best hopes for the consultation / what do you need help with?
  • what are their strengths?
  • what are the current challenges?
  • who else is involved?

Actions are then jointly constructed and recorded.

How do I access this?

Educational settings need to talk with the Virtual School Advocate, who will arrange consent from the C/YPs allocated Social Worker for this consultation to happen.

You will then be able to book a slot by contacting the Virtual School via their generic email.

Psychological First Aid: supporting children and young people from Future Learn

The course will equip those completing the training to better identify children that are in distress and provide support to help them feel safe, connected and able to take steps to help themselves. Prior knowledge or experience is not required as this introductory course will teach you the key principles of giving PFA to children and young people in crisis situations. 

The course is free and available for all frontline workers such as teachers, health and social workers, charity and community volunteers and anyone who cares for or is regularly in contact with children and young people aged up to 25, including parents and caregivers. 

It takes about three hours to complete (split into three sessions that the learner can complete at their own pace) and no previous qualifications are required. 

On completion, participants will have an understanding of what Psychological First Aid is, be able to identify who would benefit from support and how best to give help across the different age groups and also for those who might need extra support because of different needs. 

Find out more information and sign up for the courses



Artslink is supported by all 14 West Midlands Virtual Schools, and aims to ensure that all care experienced children and young people in the region have the opportunity to get involved in arts and culture and develop as learners, as people and as artists. Our offer includes:

  • events run by clusters of Virtual Schools, such as Give It A Go days (trying new artforms and activities out) and professional artists supporting other Virtual School events such as award ceremonies
  • regional activities, such as Look Inside days (e.g. BBC, music studio) and massed performing groups, such as choirs, for showcase events

For further information on the work and activities which Artlink provide, please visit Artslink contact

Connect and Create

This is a website commissioned by the West Midlands Virtual Schools for care experienced Children and young people. It provides exciting arts activities, creative challenges, information on career pathways and links to arts resources and events.

Connect and Create from Artslink

Cricket activities for young people with disabilities and learning difficulties delivered by Worcestershire County Cricket Club

Super 1s is a programme funded by the Lord’s Taverners and aims to get more young people with disabilities aged 12-25 playing cricket and developing important life skills through the introduction of community hubs which is extremely exciting!

The sessions are completely free. There are currently three hubs up and running and new participants are welcomed.

You can find out more about the fantastic programme: Super1s (Worcestershire Cricket

Try it, dream it, achieve it

A new sports initiative is underway to create a universal entitlement to sports provision for all children in care in the West Midlands.

Activities will be offered in a range of ways by a variety of sports and active lifestyle organisations.

It will work on the three principles of Try it, dream it, achieve it offering a wide range of experiences and opportunities to enable our children to develop their interests and talents, enabling sports specialism, developing independence and entrepreneurship and potentially even leading to qualifications and careers.

Here are some sporting organisations which are encouraging young people to ‘try it, dream it, achieve it’ which can be done at home.

Chance to shine (Cricket) - You will have to register to view videos. Free for all.

England basketball from YouTube - You have to scroll down 1page to find coaching videos.

FA Learning (Football) from YouTube - YouTube page dedicated to drills

England Hockey from YouTube  - The page is “hockeycoach3” which is a coach for England Hockey, It is old clips however shows good drills for learning.

Tennis LTA  from YouTube

Useful links

The Relationship Between Mental Health And Physical Activity from PE Scholar
This is an interesting report on the relationship between mental health and physical activity. 

Communications to schools, downloads:

Newsletter archive

Worcestershire County Council leads on a range of models and plans that are put in place to support looked after children and the support services available.

To find out further information about any of the plans or models of support please visit Skills 4 Worcestershire Information and Support for Looked after Children

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