Participating in the community

Participating in the community

We are all part of the community and each of us has something to offer. Being part of a community is about having friends, doing things we enjoy together, having a shared interest with others, living in the same area and perhaps being in a relationship. Another important part of being in the community is staying safe, whether this is when we’re out and about, with friends or when we’re online.

This section has information about where you can look for things to do, like clubs and activities and details of specialist day services. You will also find information about keeping yourself online or out and about as well as having safe relationships.

We’ve also included information about what respite or replacement care is available as well.

You might find a section on the Worcestershire Children First website called Get There. It has information for young people aged 16 to 25, but it’s not specifically for young people with SEND.

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