Trading Standards - Verification service and fees

Trading Standards - Verification service and fees

Worcestershire Regulatory Services can provide a verification service for you. 

Equipment testing and verification

In general, most types of weighing or measuring equipment must be tested and verified as correct before it can be used for trade purposes, either for the first time when new or after repair.

We also provide notified body services under the Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (EEC Requirements) Regulations 2000 and the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), in respect of liquid fuel meters and road tanker measuring systems.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services can provide this verification service for you. 

Trading Standards Services in Worcestershire Statutory Verification Fees 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020

All Instruments

  • inspector only hourly rate with a minimum charge of 30 minutes £57.00
  • inspector plus assistant hourly rate with a minimum of 30 minutes £94.00
  • hourly fee applies to all Instruments:
    • weighing machines*
    • linear measures
    • liquid fuel measuring instruments (not exceeding 100 litres)

Non-automatic Weighing Instruments*

  • capacity measures
  • weights
  • cubic measures
  • intoxicating liquor measures
  • automatic weighing machines including belt weighers
  • rail weighers
  • discontinuous totalisers
  • road tanker meters
  • any other measuring equipment or associated ancillary testing
  • *additional fee payable if we supply weighbridge test unit

Additional information

The charge per hour relates to the actual time taken on site. Travelling time is not charged. Where work is carried out outside normal working hours, the fee should be increased by 25% (evenings after 6.30pm and Saturdays) and 50% (Sundays and Bank Holidays).

Where the verification is outside Worcestershire travel time and travel costs will be charged.

Waiting Time: If any equipment is not submitted within 30 minutes of the appointment time a fee for 'waiting time' is charged at the current hourly rate.

Broken Appointments: If on arrival for an appointment no equipment is available for test, and the submitter has not made an attempt to contact the TSS in reasonable time to cancel the appointment, then they will be liable to pay the full costs of despatching the verification team to his site. The amount of this fee will be determined by the officer concerned and the SP (Metrology).

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