Do You sell age restricted products or services?

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Do You sell age restricted products or services?

If you sell any age restricted product then you and your employees can now get trained on how to prevent underage sales using our free toolkit.

Free Online Training Package

Worcestershire Trading Standards are offering businesses three year’s free access to the No Proof of Age – No Sale online toolkit. This training package covers all age restricted products and gives clear guidance to businesses. 

It is normally only available by annual subscription, however, businesses in Worcestershire obtain 12 months’ free access. 

The owner of any business caught selling age restricted items to an underage person could be fined and receive a criminal record. Both the owner and the person who made the sale can be held responsible - even if the owner wasn’t the one who made the sale. Don’t put your livelihood at risk sign up to our free training and stay on the right side of the law.   

The training will help you to:

  • make age verification checks to confirm the age of customers
  • operate a ‘challenge 25’ policy
  • communicate that policy to customers
  • ensure staff are trained and regularly updated
  • maintain a refusals book
  • make sure you know what products are restricted by age
  • make sure you know what form of ID are acceptable

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