Worcestershire Forum Against Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

Worcestershire Forum Against Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

Who are we?

We are an independent inter-agency partnership that brings together a range of voluntary and statutory organisations and individuals to work on tackling issues related to domestic abuse and sexual violence across Worcestershire.

We work closely with Women's Aid and Worcestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre and other domestic abuse and sexual abuse service providers to ensure that policy work is practice-based, consistent and up to date, and to provide resources to support the effective delivery of services.

Our vision

The Forums have the ultimate goal of preventing and reducing the incidence of domestic abuse and sexual violence in all its forms. The Forums approach in promoting their strategies will be to strive to benefit all communities, to end abuse and the social attitudes and tolerance which condone it. Everyone in our society has a part to play in raising awareness about both Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence, its prevention and protection for those affected.  Our message is clear and simple to victims/survivors, "Please don't suffer in silence".

Aims and Purpose

The overall aim of the Forums is to work in partnership to create an environment in the public domain, private sphere and workplace where domestic abuse and sexual violence are not tolerated and to reduce the impact on victims in Worcestershire. The principle of equality is central in our approach; this will include developing and co-ordinating services to meet the needs of women, children, male victims and those in same sex relationships, those subjected to forced marriage, female genital mutilation and those with disabilities. It seeks to hold abusers to account and to promote interventions which increase awareness prevent abuse and protect victims and survivors. The Forums are therefore committed to emphasizing the importance of safeguarding children and young people who are victims of abuse.  Partnership working is essential to developing effective and safe services for victims, it is accepted that no agency can address this concern in isolation. We are committed to working together to make a difference.

Domestic abuse and Sexual Violence are crimes wherever; whenever and to whomever they occur. All victims have a right to be protected and every perpetrator must be held accountable.

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