Travel wallet

Travel wallet

The Worcestershire Travel Wallet is an exciting scheme which supports people with various disabilities to make the best use of public transport.

The Worcestershire Travel Wallet aims to help people overcome some of the daily communication barriers that they may face.

Under this scheme, if you have a disability, you will be provided with a recognisable plastic wallet which will enable you to organise your tickets/travel pass. It also enables you to display simple messages that you can show to drivers/ticket staff to assist in your journey.  

Some of these messages will be simple requests for patience, such as ‘please wait for me to find a seat’ and others might be more specific to your particular journey, such as ‘could you let me know when we get to the college’.  

You can show these cards when seeking assistance with your journey, whether this is when boarding a bus, buying tickets, on a train platform or in other circumstances.

Requesting a Travel Wallet

To request a wallet and a set of message cards contact us


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