Supported employment service

Supported employment service

How we support vulnerable people and those with Learning Disabilities to prepare for and find employment.

The Supported Employment Service supports 

  • people that have a disability to access structured work activity placements and employment 
  • organisations and business with the process of recruitment and providing work opportunities for our candidates

Supported employment service for people

We can support unemployed adults over 18 who live in Worcestershire (who are motivated to participate in work activity and employment and could be available at least part of two days per week). 


a) have a learning disability and are in receipt of adult social care. 


b) are known to social care whose circumstances make them vulnerable due to social isolation, disability, health issues and there is potential to increase skills and independence through work activities. 

How can the service support me? 

  • we can work with you to find out what your skills and interests are and what type of employment would be right for you 
  • we can provide information on where you can find other employment related support, training and experience 
  • we can assist you to find suitable employment and support you with applications, interviews, taster days and work placements 
  • we can help you with completing pre-start papers, checks and travel to work plans if you are matched to a job 
  • we can advise you and your employer on support, work buddies or reasonable adjustments you may need when you are learning a new job 
  • we can continue support with calls and visits at work to review how you are settling into your job 

Information for organisations, businesses and employers

The Supported Employment Service offers a professional service to match suitable candidates to employment opportunities with no fees attached. 

  • we work alongside organisations and business to understand their recruitment needs and to develop work-based and employment opportunities
  • we also offer and support with the recruitment and retention of our candidates
  • we get to know our candidates and that enables us to match them to suitable opportunities where they can contribute meaningfully, supporting improved retention in work
  • we can introduce organisations and business to people from additional sources of labour with previously undiscovered skills and abilities - many people with disabilities are unemployed but are motivated to work - some organisations and business could be missing out on an opportunity to recruit from a wider pool of talent

The Supported Employment Service have supported organisations and business to recruit and retain people in various types of employment including a Kitchen Assistant in a local restaurant, a Merchandising Assistant in a national supermarket, Porters within a healthcare setting, Administrative Support in a local Council office and outdoor work such as Landscape Assistant or Farm Hand. 

We have worked in partnership to develop work opportunities for as little as 2 hours a week and over 25 hours a week. No role or hours too small to consider. 

Positive impacts of employing people with disabilities 

  • it can provide motivated and committed employees 
  • it can increase knowledge and experience of practical and cost-effective ways to support and retain employees 
  • it can encourage morale and team working 
  • it can lead to innovation in products and services 
  • it can champion diversity 
  • it can enhance reputation with customers 

How the Service can support your business or organisation 

  • we can visit you to understand your business, the work you do, ideas about job opportunities you have or could develop. This helps us to identify the people skills and qualities you are looking for and enables us to match the most suitable candidates to your opportunity
  • we can support our candidates to attend an informal interview to meet you, look at a job, where it is and understand what would be required. As a practical alternative, we can also set up supported working interviews
  • we can advise our candidates on sorting out ID requirements, application forms, references, and checks
  • we can support you and the candidate to arrange work trials. Many businesses like to start our candidates on a short work placement, followed by an employment agreement if successful. This gives both the business and the candidate an opportunity to see how it will work
  • we can support our candidates to arrange provision to get to a place of work and sometimes we can apply for funding to transport our candidates to work
  • we can provide initial onsite "in work support" or advise on adjustments or work buddies, to ensure our candidates understand their role and expectations
  • we can advise on how to arrange longer term support in the workplace if required
  • we offer regular calls and visits to review progress and support you and the candidate during the first year

Employer Testimonial 

"With the help of the WCC Supported Employment Service, we have employed a person to work within our organisation. The employment has been hugely successful. 

I wanted to assure providers and businesses that if they were considering this, we have found the process of recruitment relatively straight forward and the ‘employee’ has been extremely motivated and hard working within their job role. 

So much so… we decided to increase their hours! 

We are now in discussion with The Supported Employment Service about employing another person to work as a Health and Safety Checker. 

I would urge any providers that may be able to employ a person with disabilities to really consider this as a valued opportunity, in a sector, where let's face it, recruitment is difficult." 

Donna - Manager, Worcestershire Care Home.

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