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Worcestershire Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP)

Following extensive consultation Worcestershire County Council in 2019 launched its Passenger Transport Strategy.

The Strategy focusses on road and rail passenger transport services within Worcestershire, including Home to School, bus, taxi, Community Transport and other community-based bespoke transport initiatives.

Core to the strategy Worcestershire County Council is committed to working closely with transport providers to enhance and improve passenger transport across Worcestershire, to provide a quality of service that our residents, visitors and businesses need and expect.

Worcestershire’s Bus Service Improvement Plan recognises that the “building back better” National Bus Strategy compliments its Strategy and presents an opportunity to develop a long term sustainable and enhanced network.

Worcestershire County Council has developed a number of core principles and targets that have come out of analysing all the data to date and highlights the areas of focus that will form critical elements in the creation of the Bus Service Improvement plan and Enhanced Partnership.

Download: Worcestershire Bus Service Improvement Plan (PDF)

Core principles and targets when working in partnership will allow for:

  • delivery on national Bus Strategy principles
  • delivery of Worcestershire passenger strategy aims and objectives
  • a transformational programme of measures to deliver a sustainable quality of service that our residents, visitors and businesses need and expect