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SCULPT for Accessibility

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SCULPT - Shaping documents and content for everyday accessible and inclusive practice

SCULPT came out of research conducted within Worcestershire County Council. It is our answer to educating our wider workforce with the basics of awareness and skills to become inclusive digital practitioners when creating documents and content. 

Our SCULPT for Accessibility e-learning module is now part of the mandatory learning expectation at Worcestershire County Council for all new and existing employees. 

The SCULPT guidance in context

Our Web Development Team have specialist knowledge and skills for developing digitally accessible content for our websites and intranets so they meet the web accessibility regulations.


However, SCULPT is there as a beginners guidance framework to support the rest of the organisation to develop basic skills for everyday inclusive digital practice.


Read about our full web accessibility journey SilkTide - Worcestershire County Council case study

Use of the SCULPT guidance

We would love you to use and adopt our SCULPT model to spread awareness and skills within your organisation. We are very happy for you to use our recognised SCULPT graphics and poster below.

Our SCULPT for Accessibility model is distributed under the following license.

Creative Commons Licence
SCULPT by Helen Wilson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on work at Worcestershire County Council.

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