Planning policy and strategy

Planning policy and strategy

Information about the different planning policies, strategies and supporting information that helps guide development in Worcestershire.

Minerals and Waste Policy

Minerals Planning Policy

Information about the County Council's planning policies for the "winning and working" of minerals.

Waste Core Strategy

How we plan for waste management facilities in Worcestershire.

Local Development Scheme

This is a public statement setting out the programme for the production of minerals and waste development plan documents by the County Council.

Minerals and Waste Development Framework Authority Monitoring Report

Information about the statutory requirement, which is produced by the council, to assess the effectiveness of the council's planning policies. 

Community Involvement

Information about how Worcestershire County Council will seek your involvement in the planning of minerals and waste management.

Infrastructure Planning

School Planning Obligations

Information about the impact of development on the local infrastructure. This includes the impact on local schools.

Section 106 monitoring fees

Find out about the funding for infrastructure requirements arising from development across Worcestershire. 

Infrastructure Planning

Worcestershire County Council is responsible, for example, for providing and maintaining roads, schools and facilities for managing household waste.

Infrastructure Funding Statement

Information on how Worcestershire County Council utilise developer contributions as a means to support infrastructure delivery in the county.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Research Documents

Information about the different sustainable research areas. 

Planning for Green Infrastructure

Driving forward the delivery of green infrastructure in the county.

Other planning pages

Planning applications

Check the progress of planning applications or find out how to comment on them.

Get Involved in Planning

Find out how you can get involved in planning.

Environmental policy

More information on our Ecology Service and environmental policy.

Planning monitoring and enforcement

The Monitoring and Enforcement Officer monitors developments to ensure that they are being carried out properly.

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