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Emotional well-being for children and parents

Starting school can be a daunting time for both children and parents. There are some things you can do to help your child feel more confident about starting school and reduce your own anxieties as a parent.

This video gives some tips around helping with separation anxiety and how to help yourself and your child feel better about being separated from each other:

Action for Children (opens in a new window) has some tips around parent well-being for recognising the signs of loneliness and coping with feelings of loneliness as a parent.

Groups to help with emotional well-being

Free online parent guides are available for parents living in Worcestershire and provide interactive activities, quizzes, video clips and practical hand-outs that focus on the parent-child relationship.

Different groups for parents are run across Worcestershire depending on where you live. There is more information on the Groups for Parents page including contact details for how to book to attend a group.

  • Birth and Beyond is very much around feelings and emotions surrounding the new born baby and pregnancy
  • Solihull Approach will help parents to understand and support their child’s emotional well-being and helps them put parents in their ‘child’s shoes’
  • Family Links is a nurture based programme that introduces ways to improve family relationships
  • Triple P parenting programme focuses on the relationship between parents and children/young people
  • Incredible Years focuses on promoting children's academic, social and emotional skills

You might also find some useful information on the Mental Health and Emotional Well-being pages