Who can have a SEN Personal Budget? (The Local Offer)

Parent/carers of a child with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan , or a young person with an EHC plan, can request a SEN Personal Budget either during the planning or once the plan has been issued and is under review.

You do not need to have an EHC plan to get Personal Budgets for social care or to be eligible for continuing health care, but once you have an EHC plan, or one is being prepared, you can request budgets for all areas of support. You must have an EHC plan to get a Personal Budget for special educational provision.

You do not have to request a Personal Budget if you would prefer not to have one.

There may be times when we (the local authority) may not agree to a Personal Budget. For example, Worcestershire County Council might agree that provision is needed, but at that time we are unable to take the money out, as it is part of an overall fund which supports the provision of services to a number of young people and children. If we do refuse a personal budget for special educational provision we must tell you why. You cannot appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal over this refusal.


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