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Interests and participation in society (Care Leavers)

We want our care leavers to be active members of society, and to have all the chances in life that other young adults have. 

A big part of staying healthy is enjoying hobbies and interests

We can help you participate in society in the following ways:

  • providing information on groups and clubs you may wish to join
  • informing you about relevant awards, schemes and competitions you can enter, in line with your talents and interests
  • encouraging and helping you to enrol on the Electoral Register, so you can vote in elections
  • supporting you to find relevant work experience
  • informing you about voluntary work that we think you may be interested in
  • informing and possibly helping with the cost of leisure activities
  • giving you advice and helping you to challenge any discrimination you face as a care leaver.
  • if you do not live near Worcestershire, we can make an agreement through your Pathway Plan about how we can support you to get involved in sporting activities or other leisure activities near where you live

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