Care leavers and access to the care records

Accessing your care records

The Data Protection Act gives you the right to view your records.  You do not have to give a reason why you want to view your files and can’t be denied access if you don’t want to disclose your reason. Although you are likely to be offered guidance from a Social Worker or Personal Advisor about accessing your records, you do not have to meet with them. However it can be helpful to have someone available to provide emotional support and help to explain things that may be difficult to understand in the records. Accessing your files can begin to offer explanations about your life in care and help you to put your past and present circumstances into perspective.

To apply for access to your records you need to contact:

The Information Access Team
Corporate Information Management Unit
Worcestershire County Council
County Hall
Spetchley Road
Tel: 01905 845571

They will advise you how to apply and will send you a form to complete. There is usually a fee of £10 for the service, (this may be waived in some circumstances). Once your request is received the timescale is 40 days for the Local Authority to respond to your written request.