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Practical life and independence skills for care leavers

Living independently for the first time is a big challenge. Your PA is there for you to talk to about this. They will also work with you to help develop your skills and knowledge so you are prepared for when you are living more independently.

Your Pathway Plan has a section to help identify your skills as well as areas that you may need to work on or require support with.

Some of the independence skills needed to enable you to live a happy, safe and healthy life-style includes:

  • looking after yourself and staying safe
  • keeping your home clean and tidy, how to do laundry and other household tasks
    cooking and shopping for healthy nutritious food
  • managing your money and paying bills
  • having valid I.D and a bank account
  • contacting Housing the Job Centre or utility providers
  • making your own health appointments
  • attending meetings/appointments on time
  • reporting repairs or resolving issues with your accommodation
  • knowing how to access local facilities and act as a responsible member of the community
  • asking for support when needed