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Health and Wellbeing (Care Leavers)

Below are some of the ways our care leaving team and your personal Advisor can support you to stay healthy and look after your physical and mental health. We can:

  • give information on healthy living
  • give information on getting help to pay for prescriptions
  • support you to register or book  with a GP, Dentist and Optician
  • support you to move from CAMHS to adult mental health services
  • give information about counselling services that are available locally
  • give you help with transports costs when attending health appointments
  • if you are a young parent, take an interest in your children and support you to do the best for them. We will help you arrange childcare, if this is what you want 
  • give you information about health drop-in centres
  • work with you to make a ‘health passport’ containing key information from your childhood (for example, when and if you have had immunisations) and your current health needs
  • provide information about local activities and events

There is lots of information and advice about health and wellbeing elsewhere on this website on the health and wellbeing pages.