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Education, training and career support for care leavers

Further education support

We want to encourage as many people as possible to continue with their education for as long as they wish. The Care Leavers’ Service will support you with your education in the following ways:

  • we will pay an education incentive to all Care Leavers’ undertaking an agreed course of Education or Training of £60 per month, dependent on attendance
  • your Pathway Plan should set out exactly what you would like to achieve educationally and how you are going to be supported to do it
  • we will support you with additional costs (over £50) related to equipment, materials or clothing that are essential for your course

Higher education support 

Every year, we are supporting more and more Care Leavers who have obtained places at University and are studying for Degrees/HE Courses at universities all over the Country.

The Care Leavers’ Service can support you with your agreed course of education potentially up to the age of 25. Your Pathway Plan should set out your agreed course of study and your aspirations and goals and how you will be supported with these. There are a number of different kinds of financial support available for young people applying to study in higher education.

These include loans, grants, bursaries and scholarships.

You will also receive a £2,000 Higher Education (HE) Bursary paid in instalments throughout your course.

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Jobs, careers and training

There are many different courses, training schemes and employment opportunities available for young people. Your Personal Advisor will be able to help you get the advice and information that you need to choose what is right for you.

If you are starting employment or training the Care Leavers’ Service may be able to assist you with travel or living costs for the first couple of weeks, as you may have to work a period ‘in hand’ and not get paid immediately.

You can also get advice and help with education and training from:

Useful links

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