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Accommodation for care leavers

Supporting you in finding somewhere suitable to live

Your Personal Advisor will discuss and help plan your housing and accommodation needs as part of your Pathway Plan. At 18 the Care Leavers’ Service are no longer responsible for providing you with accommodation - unless you are at University or in an agreed Staying Put arrangement. There are various options available to you in different settings and levels of support.

Different accommodation options include:

Staying put arrangements

  • this is if you remain living with your foster carer after the age of 18. Although it is no longer a foster placement, you have more Independence and responsibility and a living together agreement is set up with you and your carer
  • you will have to pay a contribution towards your 'keep' and will also be expected to pay rent (from Housing Benefit, or your income if you are working)
  • once you leave your Staying Put Arrangement the agreement for Staying Put will have ended and you cannot return to another Staying Put Arrangement

Supported accommodation

  • this is where staff are on site to offer support. They will also help you move-on to more independent accommodation, when you are ready

Your own accommodation - options include:

  • social housing with local housing authority obtained through registering and the bidding process
  • privately rented

To get your own accommodation you will need to:

  • demonstrate you are suitable to hold your own tenancy
  • prove you are capable of living on your own and that you also understand the responsibilities of being a good tenant/neighbour

Getting your own flat, particularly in the Private rental sector can be difficult under 21 years of age. Your PA can give you more advice about what options and support are available on all of your housing options.

Please remember, you cannot have your own tenancy under the age of 18.

Support for setting up your first home

Moving to your own home should be a planned move. It requires lots of organising and having help with this makes it easier to manage. Your Personal Advisor is there to help you with this.

You may need support at first with:

  • arranging how rent, council tax, gas, electric, water and TV Licence will be paid
  • you may need to claim benefits to help with rent and council tax payments even if you are on Universal Credit, Job Seekers allowance or Income Support or other benefits - rent does not automatically get paid unless you apply for Housing benefit
  • the Care Leavers’ Service provides a 'Setting up Home Allowance' to help you buy items that you will need in your new home; this is £2000 and your Personal Advisor is there to support you with spending this; they will ensure you purchase the essential items that are needed in a new home

Saving in advance will also help you buy other things you want for your home. Your Personal Advisor will also be able to help with contacting any charities or organisations that may be able to offer some help.

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