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Planning for the future (Care Leavers)

Planning for the future (Pathway Plan)

A Pathway Plan is a written document that every care leaver is required to have.

  • the Pathway Plan outlines what your needs are for the next steps to independence
  • the plan also includes what your goals are for the future and how or who can support you in achieving these
  • your first pathway plan should be completed around the age of 16 by your social worker
  • your plan will then be reviewed at least every 6 months or more frequently if required - this will be with your social worker and as you get older with your PA
  • you will have a plan and reviews until the age of 21 or longer if you remain in education
  • reviews are necessary to check how things are going and to add or make any changes to your plan

Remember it's your plan

In order to write your pathway plan both your social worker and later your PA will want to understand as much as possible about your circumstances and what you want to achieve.

  • they can't do this if you do not tell them what your views are
  • they will talk to you, your parents or carers, and other important people in your life to get an understanding of your needs and your goals
  • once completed, or updated, your pathway plan will be sent out for you to agree and sign it and then return to your worker
  • you, your PA and anyone else involved in the plan will then get on with doing all the things that are agreed in your plan

What's discussed in the Pathway Plan?

The below topics are all discussed in the Pathway Plan:

  • accommodation
  • practical life and independence skills
  • education, training or employment
  • health and wellbeing
  • money and finance
  • relationships
  • interests and participation in society

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