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Support for care leavers

As a care leaver, you can get support from Worcestershire County Council from the age of 16 until the age of 25.

What is the Care Leavers' Service?

The Care Leavers’ Team provides a service to you, as care leavers, or young people preparing to leave care. As a care leaver, you can get support from us from the age of 16 until the age of 25.

There are currently two teams, covering North and South of Worcestershire. The Teams each consist of a Team Manager, Business Support Officer and Personal Advisors. (PA)

What can the Care Leavers' Service do for me?

You will be allocated a Personal Advisor (PA) when you are 17. Your PA will be responsible for working directly with you to ensure your views and ideas about your future are listened to and acted on. They will help you make plans by meeting with you and agreeing your Pathway Plan to help you get the support you need so you can achieve what you want for your future.

Is my PA the same as a social worker?

No, a PA has a different role to a social worker. Your PA will work with specifically on where you want to live, what you want to achieve for education or employment and in helping you gain the skills you will need to manage the responsibilities and changes of adulthood.

Your social worker will arrange for you to meet your PA at around the age of 17 and your PA will work together with you and your social worker to help you make plans for the future. Once you turn 18, or leave care if this is earlier, you will no longer have a social worker and your PA will become your main worker and continue working with you at least until the age of 21.

What can my personal advisor do for me?

Your personal Advisor is there to help you to prepare to live independently and to offer advice and support after you leave care.

This can look like: 

  • providing advice and support about how to manage day to day challenges and needs
  • supporting you to access advice about Housing; Education, Employment or Training; Health Care or Benefits; this can include talking with other agencies and services that can help you
  • actively trying to keep in touch with you and
  • discussing your needs, planning for the future with you to make your Pathway Plan

As a Personal Advisor:

  1. I will provide different ways for you to get in touch with me and endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible
  2. I will try to be flexible with when we meet and ensure that the time is suitable for you
  3. I will tell you what you need to know, straight as adults. I will try to make sure we are both on the same level
  4. I will work with you to involve you in decisions and not make them for you, and provide the necessary information to help you make these decisions
  5. I will always try to be aware of your individual situation
  6. I will have a working knowledge of relevant topics for you and will be honest about whether I know something or not but do my best to find out or point you in the right direction. 

Useful links

As well as your PA, there are lots of other places you can go for help as a Care Leaver:

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Financial Assistance for Care Leavers (PDF)


You can contact the Care Leavers Team via:

  • telephone: 01905 845613
  • post: Care Leavers Team, Worcestershire County Council, PO Box 589, Worcester, WR5 4AH