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Bus passes and Special Education Needs and Disabilities

Concessionary Bus Passes

All students with an EHCP are eligible for a Concessionary bus pass. Concessionary bus passes can be used from Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 11.00pm.

For more information go to Bus Passes and Concessionary Fares page.

Top Up Passes (Pre 9.30am)

As Concessionary bus passes cannot be used before 9.30am, you can apply for a Top Up pass, to be used before 9.30am. To get a top up pass you will need your educational establishment to email the Education Travel team, ensuring they provide the following information:

  • name of student
  • address of student
  • DOB
  • Concessionary Pass Number
  • Concessionary Pass expiry date
  • establishment, including campus details if applicable
  • is the Concessionary Pass a Companion Pass

Once this information has been received from the educational establishment, a top up pass will be sent to the student's home address.