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Planning validation document

Worcestershire County Council, as the County Planning Authority have reviewed the Validation Document (PDF), only making minor amendments to the document, which include updating references to the National Planning Policy Framework, updating hyperlinks to further information and guidance. No changes were made in relation to the types of assessments required to accompany an application. 

The purpose of the Validation Document is to provide applicants and their agents with guidance on the information and documents required by the County Council to support proposals for development when submitting a planning application. This gives greater certainty on what information is required for applications of a particular type, scale or location, helping to make things simpler for those looking to apply for planning permission, but also allows the County Council to accept, validate and determine applications more efficiently, reducing delays that may otherwise occur in the processing of planning applications. 

If an applicant fails to submit an application in accordance with the requirements set out in the Validation Document, the County Council will be entitled to declare the application invalid, until such a time that all the required information has been submitted. 

The Validation Document (PDF) is made up of a List of Assessments, which explains when a particular assessment may be required to be submitted with an application and what the assessment should include; and ten checklists for different applications types. The checklists indicate what is required to be submitted with each type of planning application. Appendices can be found at the end of the document, and provide further information on biodiversity and protected species; designated sites and priority habitats and a trigger list for when ecology surveys are required; geo-diversity requirements; surface water drainage requirements; and Health Impact Assessment Screening template.