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JSNA Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

Have you say on the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) survey page.

What is a PNA?

Every local authority, including Herefordshire County Council and Worcestershire County Council, have the Health and Wellbeing Boards(HWBs) to promote integrated working among local providers of healthcare and social care such as the NHS, public health, adult social care and children's services, including elected representatives and Local Healthwatch. The main purpose of the Herefordshire HWB and Worcestershire HWB is to plan together how best to meet the needs of their local population and tackle local inequalities in health.

Since 2013,Herefordshire HWB and Worcestershire HWB  have a  responsibility to assess the need for pharmaceutical services of the population within their respective  areas and to publish a statement of the need. This is referred to as a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA).

The PNA:

  • looks at the current provision of pharmaceutical services across the Herefordshire and Worcestershire
  • assesses whether service provision meets the current and future needs of the population and;
  • identifies any potential gaps to service delivery.

The PNA is a key document which is used by:

  • NHS England to inform decisions about applications for new, or changes to existing pharmaceutical services, and the commissioning of NHS-funded services that can be provided by local community pharmacies
  • local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) when commissioning services to meet local health needs and priorities

How you can help us?

Herefordshire and Worcestershire County Council’s are conducting a survey to better understand local views on pharmaceutical services for those residents who work and stay in the county. Your views are confidential and the findings from the survey will be used to inform the PNA.

Complete the survey

What happens next?

We will collate all the views of people who respond to the survey and use them to inform the PNA document. There will also be an opportunity to comment on the draft PNA during the consultation period in the near future, so please keep an eye out for it.

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