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Pay Policy Statement

The purpose of the Pay Policy Statement is to clarify the County Council's strategic stance on pay in order to provide direction for members and officers making detailed decisions on pay and to provide the citizens of Worcestershire with a clear statement of the principles underpinning decisions on the use of public funds.

Under section 112 of the Local Government Act 1972, the Council has the power to appoint officers on such reasonable terms and conditions, including remuneration, as the authority thinks fit. This Pay Policy Statement (the ‘statement’) sets out the Councils approach to pay policy in accordance with the requirements of Section 38 of the Localism Act 2011. The purpose of the statement is to provide transparency with regard to the Council’s approach to setting the pay of its employees (excluding those working in local authority schools) by identifying;
  • The methods by which salaries of all employees are determined;
  • The detail and level of remuneration of its most senior staff i.e. ‘chief officers’, as defined by the relevant legislation;
  • The Panel responsible for ensuring the provisions set out in this statement are applied consistently throughout the Council and for recommending any amendments to the statement to the full Council.
Once approved by the full Council, the statement will come into immediate effect and will be published by no later than 1 April each year, subject to review on a minimum of an annual basis in accordance with the relevant legislation prevailing at that time.