Housing and care homes

Here you will find information and advice to help you with your supported living and care home needs.

Care home visits

Visits to care homes can take place with arrangements such as substantial screens, visiting pods, or behind windows. Close contact visits are not allowed, and if there is an outbreak of Covid-19 there would be no visitors. However, visits for compassionate reasons, if a resident is receiving end-of-life care, visits are permitted.

You should check the guidance on visiting care homes during COVID-19 (link opens in a new window) to find out how visits should be conducted. Residents cannot meet people indoors on a visit out (for example, to visit their relatives in the family home). Every care home is different so please contact your care home manager before arranging a visit.

There is separate guidance for those in supported living (link opens in a new window).

Worcestershire extra care housing strategy

Download: Worcestershire extra care housing strategy