Older person bus pass

Older person bus pass

Apply for an older person bus pass.

Before you start

The age for an older person's bus pass is when you reach state pension age. Find out when you will qualify here: Check your State Pension age (www.gov.uk)

If you are eligible for a bus pass, you can expect to receive your pass within 28 days of all evidence being received.

You will need to provide

A photograph of yourself

example ID Photo

  • the photo should be a passport style photo, which is focused on the face, and in colour
  • you can read about photograph requirements here: How to Upload Photos 
  • if you are unable to upload your photograph, you can post a photo to us
  • postal address is available at the end of the application process

Proof of Age

Choose one of the following:

  • copy of a driving licence,
  • copy of a birth certificate
  • copy of a passport.

Proof of address in Worcestershire

Please provide one of the following:

  • copy of your driving licence
  • copy of a utility bill from within the last year
  • copy of a bank or credit card statement from within the last year
  • copy of a Council Tax bill from within the last year

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