Flooding and your property

Flooding and your property

This page gives advice on how to prepare you property for flooding and to find out if any flooding is forecast.

Assessing the risk of your property/ business flooding

Your property/ business could be at risk from flooding. The flooding could be from different sources:

  • watercourses (fluvial)
  • surface water (pluvial)
  • highway
  • sewers
  • groundwater
  • reservoirs
  • leaks or burst pipes

Check if your property is at risk from flooding on the:

GOV.UK - Long term flood risk assessment for locations in England website

If your property is as risk, you could create your own flood plan, for more information visit:

GOV.UK - Prepare for flooding website

Find out if flooding is predicted

Guidance on making your property flood resilient

Set up a local flood action group

If your community is frequently flooded it might be worth setting up a local flood group.

The National Flood Forum lists the benefits of setting up a local flood group which can:

  • Address concerns over malfunctioning assets/and other issues
  • Be constantly in touch with what is intended for their community
  • Know procedures that are already in place regards routine maintenance
  • Have a voice as to the future flood risk of their community through consultation
  • Instigate ‘flood watchers’ 
  • Create awareness of flood risk to the wider community
  • Prepare to reduce the impact on the community should a flood event occur.

Find out how to form a flood group on the National Flood Forum website.

Current flood groups in Worcestershire

  • Astley Flood Action Group
  • Bewdley Residents Flood Committee
  • Charlton Flood Action Group
  • Himbleton Flood Action Group
  • Kempsey Flood Action Group
  • Kempsey Flood Forum
  • Riddings Brook Flood Group
  • Sedgeberrow Flood Group
  • Severn Stoke Flood Alleviation Group
  • Tenbury Wells Flood Action Group
  • Uckinghall Flood Action Group
  • Upton upon Severn Flood Forum
  • Wick Flood Alleviation Committee
  • Wolverley Flood Forum

Please contact the Flood Risk Management Team if you would like to add your flood group to this page.

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