Worcestershire Viewpoint Panel

Worcestershire Viewpoint Panel

Giving residents the opportunity to have their say on what they think about how council services are run where they live.

Help the council to improve their services and have your say!

Worcestershire County Council is giving residents the opportunity to join a panel and have their say on what they think about how council services are run where they live. 

The council is looking for more people to join the panel and help ensure residents are represented in future decisions the council makes. 

The Panel

The Viewpoint Panel is the residents’ panel for research and engagement. Panel members will be asked to complete one short survey a year. Members of the panel are sometimes invited to take part in other surveys, focus groups or workshops, but this is completely optional.

Any Worcestershire resident aged 18 or over can join the panel to have their say on local public services. 

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If you have any questions about the Worcestershire County Council Viewpoint Panel or the Viewpoint Surveys, please contact the Business Intelligence Team:


The Worcestershire County Council Viewpoint Survey 2023 results are now available.

Worcestershire Viewpoint Survey 2023 Report (PDF)

The interactive dashboard below can be used to view and compare results from the 2019 to 2023 surveys.

Take a look at the Worcestershire Viewpoint Survey Results Dashboard

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