Transport and travel

Transport and travel

Travel and transport for schools and colleges.

Being able to get out and about is an important part of being independent. In this section we’ve tried to bring relevant information together from other sections of Worcestershire County Council’s and Worcestershire Children First websites which relate to transport and travel.

If you’re thinking of learning to drive, there is a section on the Government website with the information you need about applying for a driving licence, driving lessons and booking your driving test. It can be found here: Learn to drive a car: step by step - GOV.UK. Once you can drive the Government also has information about the financial help you can get if you are disabled, you can find that here: Financial help if you're disabled: Vehicles and transport - GOV.UK. Citizens Advice have useful information on their website about getting a mobility car, if you are eligible: Getting a Motability car - Citizens Advice. We have also included a link below to the information about applying for a blue badge in Worcestershire.

If driving is not for you, you will find links below to information about public transport, such as applying for bus passes, community transport and the Worcestershire Travel wallet which is a scheme to support people with various disabilities to make the best use of public transport.

The following two links take you to external websites which have information about buying a Disabled Persons railcard, if you are eligible, or a young person’s railcard.

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