How to avoid rogue traders

How to avoid rogue traders

Trading Standards advice for avoiding rogue traders.

Avoiding rogue traders

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Complaints about rogue traders may include some of the following

Door-to-door sellers, for example selling:

  • fish 
  • household goods (these sellers are sometimes called ‘Nottingham Knockers’)

Home improvements such as:

  • roof repairs
  • driveways (tarmac, block paving, gravel, etc.) 
  • guttering
  • gardening/landscaping/tree surgery 
  • solar panels and renewable energy
  • home security

The best advice is not to deal with anyone who visits your home uninvited. You should not feel bullied, threatened, or pressurised into buying anything or having any work carried out. Rogue traders and doorstep callers may do unnecessary work, or to a poor standard, or the price may rapidly increase. 


  • do not buy goods or services from doorstep traders
  • do not open the door if you do not know the caller
  • do not let a stranger into your home
  • do display a warning card that you do not buy goods or services at the door
  • do use a door chain on both the front and back door
  • do check ID cards
  • do make a note of any vehicle details (the registration number, any business name, etc.)
  • do report suspicious callers to Trading Standards (the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline number is 0808 223 1133) or the Police on 101. 

Be suspicious if you are told:

  • the work is urgent, and you need to act quickly
  • there are broken roof tiles, or a leaking gutter, etc. Take your time to get informed and seek the opinion of a reputable trader before making any decisions   
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