More information about Commercial

More information about Commercial

We have listed common commercial FAQ’s below.

The Commercial Team regularly engages with suppliers and gets a number of frequently asked questions. You may find an answer to your query below.

Should your question concern a live tender on In-tend the “clarification” function should be used.

Where can I view a list of the Council’s current contracts?

I have a question about a specific tender. Who do I speak to?

Please register on In-Tend and raise your enquiry via a clarification or correspondence on the relevant page. If the tender has been distributed by email, please send your correspondence to the email which sent out the tender.

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System?

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a system used by a service team within the Council to run tenders related to their area. We have a number of DPS’s in the Council covering a range of areas from taxi and minibus transportation, economy and infrastructure projects to learning and development. 

Anyone can sign up to a DPS, so be sure to register to In-Tend, sign up to a DPS, and apply to the tenders.

How can I contact the Commercial Team?

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