Learning disabilities social work

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Learning disabilities social work

A specialist team highly skilled at working with adults with a learning disability and their carers.

Learning disabilities service

The learning disability service consists of two operational teams which are split into north and south. They cover the entire county of Worcestershire providing a community social work service.

This is a specialist team which is highly skilled at working with adults with a learning disability and their carers.

The teams are led by two area managers and have referrals from a number of routes including:

  • health services
  • professionals
  • community
  • self-referrals through adult social care
  • transitions from young people who have turned 18 and are open to the young adults team

What we do

We complete Care Act assessments to determine eligibility for care and support, or support in the community where required.

Arrange care and support with individuals based on their assessed needs and outcomes.

Complete reviews of care and support plans to ensure they are continuing to meet assessed needs and outcomes.

Assessments of mental capacity to inform decision making, court work for Community Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) and the Court of Protection.

Work with carers to support them to access support and make referrals for further support where appropriate.

Learning Disabilities Social Work:

  • we work as part of a multi-disciplinary teams with health professionals, the voluntary sector and other statutory agencies to provide holistic support for adult’s with a learning disability and their carers. Work with Worcestershire Children’s First in partnership particularly with transitions to adulthood
  • we work with individuals to make transitions to alternative accommodation, services or for example people moving out of home for the first time into supported living or their own tenancy with support
  • we work closely with Mental health services to support individuals with a diagnosed learning disability, and mental health condition to live independently in the community. To also support these individuals to be discharged in a timely manner from acute MH hospitals

How to get in touch with us?

If you’d like to contact us about support that may be available, this can be done via the Worcestershire Adult Front Door.

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