Planning for Green Infrastructure

What is Green Infrastructure?

Green Infrastructure or GI is the network of green spaces that intersperse and connect our cities, towns and villages, providing multiple benefits for our environment, economy and communities. GI is a holistic approach to viewing and managing the natural environment; acknowledging the multiple benefits and vital services it provides and making tangible links to economic, health and social welfare agendas and aspirations. The components of GI include biodiversity, landscape, historic environment, access and recreation and water.

Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Strategy 2013-2018

The Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Partnership has produced the Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Strategy to drive forward the delivery of green infrastructure in the county. It sets out county-scale principles to inform plans and strategies being developed by partner organisations and to enable a coherent approach to delivery across a range of initiatives.

Public Consultation

Between 17th May 2013 and 28th June 2013 the Strategy was subject to the public consultation. The Strategy was well received and a number of useful recommendations were made by various stakeholders. All comments were considered and the Strategy was revised accordingly to produce the final version.

Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Priority Areas

The Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Strategy identified a number of Green Infrastructure Priority Areas.

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