Training for parents and carers

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Training for parents and carers

Here you will find information on specialist training opportunities which may be available for parents and carers.

Parent carers have told us that they would like information on specialist training opportunities which may be available for them.

We have produced this list of training providers, most of them are run by outside providers and are not provided by the council. We have made every attempt to ensure all information held here is accurate, but we cannot accept any responsibility for third party services. Their inclusion here is for your information only and does not represent endorsement or recommendation by the council.

Some of the courses have a cost associated with them and we have tried to indicate when this is the case, though sometimes they are free depending on your personal circumstances.

Adult learning from Worcestershire County Council 

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Adult Learning offer new courses each term. Some of these may be of specific interest to parents and carers of children and/or young people with SEND. The courses have a charge associated with them, which is dependent on your circumstances. 

SEND - Managing their mindfulness is an online course for any adult, parent or carer supporting and caring for children, young people or adults with their Social Emotional and Mental Health. As well as those with Special Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to increase their well-being and reduce any anxiety and depression they may feel so they are better able to manage their mindfulness.

To book and find out more: SEND - Managing their Mindfulness

Herefordshire and Worcestershire SENDIASS training and development

Herefordshire and Worcestershire SENDIASS offer FREE training to local parents/carers to increase knowledge of SEND law and guidance, local policy, and participation. They run face to face workshops and online information sessions. 

Available workshops:

  • SEN Support and the Graduated Response in schools
  • What does a good Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP) look like?
  • SENDIASS online Information Session

The workshops/information sessions are held monthly. You can find out more and book on via this link: SENDIASS workshops for parent and carers | Worcestershire County Council

Free Autism West Midlands online training

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrated Care Board have commissioned Autism West Midlands to deliver more free online training webinars for parent carers who have a child on the assessment pathway (Umbrella Pathway) or who has an Autism diagnosis. The webinars can be accessed on computers, laptops, tablets, phones and smart TVs. Once registered you can watch live or a recording later. 

The remaining webinar is:

Monday 27 February, 9:30am to 11:00am – Autism and Anxiety

West Midlands events page: Autism West Midlands Events

The Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrated Care Board have also commissioned Autism West Midlands to deliver online training for parent carers as part of their pilot service to support 14–18 year olds, with a recent autism diagnosis. 

The webinars are FREE for any Worcestershire parent/carer with a recently diagnosed teenager. To find out more about the different webinars on offer, and to book, please use the link below each course. 

Thursday 16 March, 10:00am to 11:30am – Supporting your Autistic Teen
Supporting Your Autistic Child - Autism West Midlands

Wednesday 22 March, 10:00am to 11:30am – Navigating the System
Navigating the System - Autism West Midlands


Other organisations that provide courses

  • The National Autistic Society offer online training courses, some modules are free but most have a small cost
  • The Curly Hair Project offer a number of courses across the country (Dudley and Bristol being the closest to Worcestershire) and some are offered as webinars
  • Independent Parental Special Education Advice (known as IPSEA). They provide online and face to face training on the SEND legal framework for parents and carers, professionals and other organisations

Starting Well Partnership

The Starting Well Partnership offers two different courses for parents and carers of children on the Autistic Spectrum and/or with language delay. They give you the opportunity to meet new people who may be experiencing similar issues and develop your knowledge. The courses are available across the county.

Incredible Years is a group-based programme for parents with children age 2 to 6 years.

The Incredible Years ASD Programme from Starting Well

Solihull Approach – Understanding Your Child (ASD) is another group-based programme for parents and carers of older children.

Understanding Your Child with Special Needs/ASD from Starting Well

The Solihull Approach online parenting

The Solihull Approach online parenting courses are a series of NICE approved resources for parents and carers who want to learn more about sensitive and effective parenting and building a positive relationship with their child. Parents are also helped to understand how they can influence their relationship with their child through play. 

There are a variety of free courses available including ‘Understanding your child with additional needs’. If you care for a child with a physical or learning disability or who may have autistic traits this course is for you.

Starting Well Online Parenting Courses

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