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Is your child ready for school?

Starting school for the first time can be an exciting time but also very daunting for both the child and the parents. Below are some things that will help your child get ready to start school and make the most of their learning. There are also some useful links to other websites with tips to help you prepare your child for school.

Download: Is your child ready for school pathway

Download: Ready for Childcare pathway

Preparation for the first day

Watch this video to get some tips and advice on helping your child to get ready to start school:

Useful links

Website: What to Expect When (opens in a new window) guidance to your child's learning and development

Website Pacey information for parents (opens in a new window) factsheets, videos and activity sheets to help you and your child get ready for school

Website: Pacey  toolkit (opens in a new window) toolkit for helping to prepare your child for school

Website: The School Run (opens in a new window)10 tips for a good first day

Website: Mumsnet (opens in a new window) tips for starting school

Website: Kid Sense (opens in a new window) tasks and activities to help with things like social interaction, play, language and emotional development