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Payment and Billing Schedules

Why are the schedules important?

The schedules show you when payments for services you have provided can be expected and how frequently the payments will be made.

The client billing schedules details when bills are issued to service users and the period the charges cover.

Payment schedules

If the contract you have with Worcestershire County Council requires the portal to be updated with actuals you have delivered you will not be paid unless the actuals have been confirmed and exported from the portal.

You should report any issues with payments or purchase orders by email to:

Please note the payment dates might differ if due around a bank holiday

Billing schedules

The client will be charged a client contribution for their service based on a financial assessment having been completed by Worcestershire County Council.

View specific payment and billing schedules for:

If your contract states that you can claim an enhanced rate for bank holidays, then this rate will be automatically applied to the actuals on the portal. The dates for the bank holidays are as per guidance on the website:

Website: UK bank holidays from GOV.UK (opens in a new window)