New Worcester Secondary School

Why do we need a New School?

The forecasts have shown that the school age population is rising and that there is a continuing need to increase the number of places in Worcester secondary schools.

In order to meet this increase, WCC has worked with existing schools in Worcester to use their surplus capacity and add new places to existing local schools. It is not possible to expand these schools indefinitely.

The school will open initially to Year 7 children and will grow over time as it will take a new cohort of Year 7 children each September.

The delivery of a new school in Worcester will ensure sufficient places across the City and ensure an element of surplus which will ensure:

  • families have an element of choice and increase the likelihood that families receive one of their top two preferences
  • all children who move into the City during the school year are offered provision within 20 days; and
  • all children who want to access a place in their local community are able to do so, reducing school travel times

The delivery of a new school provides an opportunity to build on the existing ‘Good’ secondary school provision in Worcester and offers more choice of schools which is important to support our children and young people in achieving good attainment and realising their full potential.

The requirement for a new school and alternative options were considered by Cabinet in February 2021, for more information see Agenda and minutes (opens in a new window).

Responding to new housing

The delivery of a new school will ensure children can access a secondary school place within their local community in a growing City. The need for a new secondary school in Worcester goes hand in hand with the approval of large housing developments around the City, and also improves choice and access for families.

A further 5,000 homes are planned as part of two major Worcester urban expansions. Based on historic developments, new housing tends to attract families with an average of approximately 20 secondary school age pupils per 100 dwellings.

Download: Worcester City Education planning area map (PDF)